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2016 "Community Fabric"Mosaic Mural for the Josiah Quincy School & Community Center in Boston

Role: Concept, Design, Fundraising, Artistic Direction, Tile Cutting & Sanding, Project Management, Construction, Installation.

Dimensions:  Approx. 6ft x 6ft  Location:  Intersection of Shawmut Ave & Tremont St. in Chinatown/Theater District, Boston.  Completion Date:  June 24th, 2016

A mosaic mural comprised of 60 unique hand-cut glass tile panels and designed to resemble a stitched fabric patchwork quilt.  The mosaic "fabric" represents the stitching together of many different aspects of our community into one.  While diversity is a key theme of the mural, the core message is unity.  Inspired by the vibrancy, geometry, and diversity found in both African and Native American textiles, Christos began designing the mural one panel at a time.  He then constructed several of the more complex panels in his studio and collaborated on the construction of the remaining panels together with over 150 students from the Josiah Quincy Elementary School.  Students worked in teams, guided by Christos in the mosaic creation process.  Christos challenged them to follow a detailed design guide and to carefully select from a wide assortment of high quality glass mosaic tiles.  For safety reasons Christos had to perform most of the glass cutting for the panels, but would ask his students to mark the tiles with a black marker to indicate knowledge of where each cut should be made.  Students would then carefully cement the pieces onto the production surface wearing protective gloves.  Christos checked every single piece to ensure proper adhesion and placement, finished off the outermost layers, and sanded each of the panel edges to ensure an exact fit.  He then combined and cemented the 60 panels together onto 4 larger interlocking panels and then, with assistance from his father (the installation engineer), carefully mounted them onto the production wall. 

Special thanks to Edvestors, The BPS Arts Expansion Initiative, The Boston Art Commission, and generous donors from the community for making this possible. 

More photos from this project can be seen on Facebook 

"Community Fabric" © 2016 by Christos Hamawi
LOCATION:  Intersection of Oak St.,  Tremont St, and Shawmut Ave in Chinatown/Bay Village Boston, MA
Community Fabric ©2016 by Christos Hamawi 
"We need to continue to support arts education to help foster the artistic temperament that shapes and defines our culture, promotes peace and prosperity, enriches our community, and builds bridges of understanding around the world.  This mural is dedicated to all those that contribute their time, skills, and resources to help make our community stronger."  -Christos Hamawi June 20, 2016

2015 "Patterns of Diversity" Mixed Media Mural for the Josiah Quincy School & Community Center in Boston

Role: Concept, Design, Artistic Direction, Instruction, Fundraising, Kiln Firing, Painting, Mural Construction, Panel Installation.

Dimensions:  Approximately 24ft x 10ft  Location:  885 Washington St., Chinatown

A ceramic and mixed media mural designed by Christos and highlighting the great diversity in our community, city, and nation.  The mural features Christos's art together with artwork created by 164 Boston Public School students and 10 members of the BPS Faculty.  The mural is comprised of 162 handmade, hand painted ceramic tiles and 28 hand painted panels of various sizes for a total of 190 unique patterns.

The inspiration for this project came about during a trip Christos made to Istanbul, Turkey in the summer of 2014.  He noticed beautifully painted ceramic tiles, in the Iznik style, embedded along the walls and in the streets of the old Sultanahmet district.  He shared images of these tiles and patterns with the students and faculty at the Josiah Quincy School and challenged them to come up with their own unique pattern to represent themselves.  He raised the funds for the materials online, trained the students in the art of painting and ceramics, rolled out sheets of clay and formed them into tiles with the students, bisque fired them, returned them to the students to paint their carefully sketched designs, kiln fired all the glazed tiles, and then carefully cemented all 162 tiles together as a mosaic and installed them on the wall along with the 28 painted and varnished panels to create an individual work titled 'Patterns of Diversity'.  

Special thanks to Edvestors, The Boston Public Schools Arts Expansion Initiative, and generous donors from the community for making this possible.   

More information and photos can be found on Facebook

Christos Hamawi Patterns of Diversity Wide Angle sm  
LOCATION:  885 Washington St. in Chinatown/Tufts Medical Center Area - Boston, MA
Mural Creation Process

2015 "Feeling Grounded"  6ft x 3ft painting made on site in Prouty Garden for Boston Children's Hospital

Christos spent his first week of life in the Boston Children's Hospital NICU. He returned in the spring of 2015 to paint this portrait of their Dawn Redwood in the Prouty Garden as a way of saying thanks and to inspire others who may find great strength and comfort from the awesome power of nature. The painting is now part of the hospital's permanent collection and on display within the lobby area of the main entrance. . 

Feeling Grounded Framed With Christos  Feeling Grounded Framed Christos Hamawi Feeling Grounded Painting
LOCATION:  Boston Children's Hospital Main Entrance - 300 Longwood Av e - Boston, MA
2015 "Golden Bamboo" 25ft Long Mural for Jook Sing Cafe in Boston
LOCATION:  177 Harrison Ave. in Chinatown/Tufts Medical Center Area - Boston, MA
2015 "Natural Distractions" Custom Prints for Lobby of Northampton Square, Boston
LOCATION: 860 Harrison Ave / 35 Northampton St. - South End, Boston, MA

2014 "Dragon of the Earth" Mosaic Mural for the Josiah Quincy School & Community Center in Boston

Role: Concept, Design, Artistic Direction, Ceramics Instruction, Fundraising, Kiln Firing, Framing, Mosaic Construction, Installation.

A ceramic / mosaic mural about the improtance of preserving and protecting the natural world and featuring the ceramic art of Boston Public School students.

After learning that the Josiah Quincy School had a 30 year old kiln sitting unused in a storage closet for 25 years, Christos was inspired to revive the kiln and raise the funds needed to complete a very unique ceramic mosaic mural featuring handmade tiles created by  students. Christos led over 150 BPS students in the design and creation of hand made ceramic relief tiles and then cemented the vibrant student made tiles, along with his handmade tile and other glass and ceramic tiles he cut up, onto 4 separate maple wood panels (hand cut into the shape of the JQS Dragon Logo) in his studio and then he mounted them to the wall one section at a time, with volunteer assistance from his father John Hamawi, in the main lobby at the entrance of the school. After mounting the 4 panels to the wall, he then grouted all 4 of the panels in place with the help of a few BPS students.

Much thanks to Edvestors, the BPS Arts Expansion Initiative, John Hamawi, and all the generous sponsors that made this possible!

LOCATION:  885 Washington St. in Chinatown/Tufts Medical Center Area - Boston, MA
2013 "Inner Strength" 6ft x 3ft Oil on Canvas / Permanent collection of Boston City Hall
LOCATION:  Boston City Hall - 5th Floor next to City Council Chambers/Piemonte Room - Boston, MA

2013 "The Living Seasons" Mosaic panels for The Josiah Quincy School & Community Center in Boston

Four mosaic panels Christos designed and created as a work of permanent pubilc art for a small park and vertical garden located outside the Josiah Quincy Elementary School and Community Center in Boston.  Christos asked students to share their favorite aspects of each season and incorporated many of those details in his design.  He also created most of the mosaic panels on site at the school so that students could observe him work and learn about the mosaic creation process.  This was the first mosaic mural commissioned by the Josiah Quincy school, which led to a 3 year "artist in residence" program for Christos (Through Edvestors and The Boston Public Schools Arts Expansion Initiative) and the creation of 3 more permanent public art projects.  The "Living Seasons" mosaics are installed along Oak Street, near the corner of Tremont Street, just across from the Tufts Medical Center Orange Line Station.  Each panel consists of around 2000 hand-cut, hand-cemented tile pieces. The mosaic panels span about 11 feet in length and just over 3 feet in height.

Much thanks to Tufts Medical Center, James Chan, Boston City Council President Bill Linehan, Principal Simon Ho, John Hamawi, and the Chinatown Community

LOCATION:  5 Oak St. / between Tremont & Washington St. near Tufts Medical Center - Boston, MA

2012 "Natural Portals" Painted Steel Panels for The Grew Elementary School, Boston

Five steel panels depicting various types of plant life commonly found in New England, on permanent display at The Henry Grew Elementary School in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Boston, MA. The panels were commissioned by Warner Larson Landscape Architects for The City of Boston. The two upper panels were installed at the main entrance and the three lower panels were installed at the entrance to the school's new outdoor classroom which features the succession theme of the natural growth of plant communities and illustrates the importance and diversty of nature.


LOCATION:  Grew Elementary School - 40 Gordon Ave., Hyde Park - Boston, MA

2010 "Rising Above" 1500+ Sq ft. Mural for The Westin Copley Hotel, Boston

This mural depicting an extreme close up view of eucalyptus leaves against a giant blue sky was commissioned by the Copley Westin to brighten up what was once a dark hallway within the corporate wing of the hotel. The hallway is approximately 75ft long.


LOCATION: Westin Copley - 4th Floor (by Fitness Center & Corp Cafe) 10 Huntington Ave Boston, MA

2009 "Urban Wilds 2" Street Art in Copley Square, Boston


LOCATION:  Intersection of Huntington Ave & Dartmouth St. in Copley Square - Boston, MA

2009 "Urban Renewal" Street Art in Downtown Crossing, Boston

LOCATION:  One Summer St. in Downtown Crossing - Boston, MA
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